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Bernard Cornwell

Sharpe's Havoc

Sharpe's Havoc

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Re-issue to tie-in with publication of paperback. Sharpe's Havoc brings Sharpe to Portugal; and reunites him with Harper. It is 1809 and Lieutenant Sharpe; who belongs to a small British army that has a precarious foothold in Portugal; is sent to look for Kate Savage; the daughter of an English wine shipper. But before he can discover the missing girl; the French onslaught on Portugal begins and the city of Oporto falls. Sharpe is stranded behind enemy lines; but he has Patrick Harper; he has his riflemen and he has the assistance of a young; idealistic Portuguese officer. Together; they have to find the missing girl and extricate themselves from the entanglements cast by Colonel Christopher; a mysterious Englishman who has his own ideas on how the French can be ejected from Portugal. Those ideas are as fantastic as they are dangerous; but the French are rampant; Lisbon is threatened and Christopher sees Sharpe and his riflemen as the only obstacles to his subtle scheme. But there is a newly arrived British commander in Lisbon; Sir Arthur Wellesley; and just when Sharpe and his men seem doomed; Sir Arthur mounts his own counter-attack; an operation that will send the French army reeling back into the northern mountains. Sharpe becomes a hunter instead of the hunted and he will exercise a dreadful revenge on the men who double-crossed him. Sharpe's Havoc is a classic Sharpe story; a return to Portugal in the company of Sergeant Patrick Harper; Captain Hogan and Sharpe's beloved Greenjackets.


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