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This is a harrowing, yet inspiring portrait of a tormented consciousness struggling for reconciliation and peace. Anthony Swofford’s grandfather fought in World War II, his father fought in Vietnam, and he, a directionless, testosterone-battered teenager, became a scout/sniper in the US Marines and fought in the Gulf War. His account of that time is also part of a lineage – after Wilfred Owen, Norman Mailer, Michael Herr and Tim O’Brien, it brings the raw and searing tradition of soldiers’ tales up to date;In the West, many have become convinced that it is possible to fight a war largely without casualties. Swofford’s brutally honest account of life as a marine in the Gulf shows that every human being trained to kill another is a casualty. The author endures six months of sand-ridden hell with his fellow “jarheads”, tortured by boredom and fear. He suffers physical abuse from a training officer, is betrayed by his girlfriend at home, puts a loaded gun in his mouth, threatens to kill a fellow soldier, and comes under fire from both the enemy and another US military unit;With the conflict over, Swofford hikes for miles through a landscape of incinerated Iraqui soldiers and is almos

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