I Am Neurotic (and So Are You)


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If you can’t get through the day without checking to see if your front door is locked three times. Or you can only eat sandwiches or toast cut diagonally because triangles taste better. And the worst part is that you have to do all your neurotic habits discretely because you don’t want other people to know. Fear not, you’re not alone. iamneurotic.com is a collection of anonymously submitted neuroses revealing the habits that we take care to hide from others. While sitting in the bathroom stall waiting for everyone to leave, author Lianna Kong realised her own neurosis: she can’t use the bathroom when other people are around. I am Neurotic was born. What started as a blog where Lianna and her friends could share and joke about their own neuroses turned into a form of confessional therapy for others. People eager to unburden themselves of their hidden habits began to anonymously confess their neuroses and in turn learned they were not the only ones to sniff their floss or avoid the cracks in the sidewalk. The same kind of thirst for voyeurism that drove people to gobble up the Post Secret books will bring them to this book.
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