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Joshua Joe Spork, son of a gangster, promised his father he would not follow in his footsteps. Now, Joe repairs antique mechanical devices: clocks, phonographs, cameras, and other old contraptions. Edie Banister is a retired master spy with one last assignment. Get Joe to fix the Apprehension Engine, a mechanical beehive with the ability to reveal the ultimate truth. In the process they will face her lifelong nemesis Shem Shem Tsien, and unleash a power greater than any of them could imagine. As we unlock the interlaced stories of Edie and Joe and their quest, we are introduced to an eclectic and fascinating bevy of characters. Billy Friend, undertaker, thief and Joe’s best friend. Mercer Cradle, lawyer and the nation’s fixer extraordinaire. Mercer’s sister, Polly, the most sexually adventurous heroine to grace the pages of a novel in some time. Not to mention, the Waiting Men that ancient brotherhood of morticians, and the Nightmarket, the underground gathering of honorable thieves. Now for the bad guys. Shem Shem Tsien, a diabolical south Asian dictator in an mad quest to interrogate God. Vaughn Parry, the serial killer du jour. Titwhistle and Cummerbund, one rail thin the other a tub of lard and both shady government operatives. And finally the Ruskinites, a demented religious sect who seek divine mechanical perfection. When Joe activates the Apprehension Engine, everything changes. Within days Billy Friend is dead, and Joe finds himself on the run from the Ruskinites and Titwhistle and Cummerbund. Now everyone wants to get their hands on Joe and none of them have his best interests in mind. For help Joe will have to turn to the one place he has been avoiding: his gangster past and the The Night Market, where Joe will find that honor among thieves and family friends never dies. More praise for The Gone-Away World: -“Harkaway delivers plenty of action and surprises…. Likely to be this season’s major conversation-starter.”–San Francisco Chronicle -“A gripping, satirical, postapocalyptic war epic populated with mimes, ninjas, bureaucrats, chimera, and gun-toting nerds.”–New York Magazine -“Very funny and hugely entertaining. . . . And brilliant. Read it.”–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel -“Leaves the reader gasping for both adjectives and description. It’s a powerful and accomplished first novel that weaves elements of romance, mystery, SF/F and–yes–thriller together in a way that leaves no doubt that the master storyteller gene really is something that can be passed along.”–January Magazine -“Vivid and exciting. Harkaway manages to meld a vision of war more germane to today’s world, and take it to its most horrifying, apocalyptic conclusion.”–Charleston City Paper – Extra galleys available

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